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Dr. Pounds is proud to offer her patients the most advanced dental care possible in our downtown Pittsburgh dental office, including the latest in Bioesthetic Dentistry. With this kind of focused care, your smile can be not only more functional, but healthier and more beautiful than ever before.

What is Bioesthetic Dentistry?

Bioesthetic Dentistry combines a comprehensive diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan to achieve optimal functionality of your teeth, jaw, and mouth. In contrast to traditional dentistry, which centers on relieving pain and/or simply straightening or aligning teeth for basic functionality or esthetics, Bioesthetic Dentistry strives for optimal biologic form. This is a state in which the teeth and jaw work in perfect harmony, the appearance of the smile is perfect, and wear becomes minimal.

Dr. Pounds became interested in Bioesthetic Dentistry when she noticed that many of her patients — even younger patients — were showing up in her office with significant wear and damage to their teeth from normal, everyday chewing. She began seeking ways to prevent this early wearing out of teeth, and discovered that there was a specialized form of dentistry that focused on perfecting each patient’s bite. The main idea behind this practice of dentistry is simple: Once perfect form and function are achieved, perfect esthetics is not far behind.

After 3 years and over 300 intensive clinical hours, Dr. Pounds achieved Level IV Certification in Bioesthetic Dentistry from the esteemed OBI Foundation - an honor held by only 3 other dentists in the state of Pennsylvania. She can now treat patients with an eye to correcting their entire mouth, rather than focusing only on the health or visible appearance of each individual tooth.

Bioesthetic Dentistry focuses on three key factors:

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Bioesthetic Dentistry focuses on stable jaw position, a correct upper-to-lower teeth relationship, and proper tooth form. If you have questions about your teeth and jaw, please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Pounds.

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"Smile Makeovers" only tackle one part of the problem.

A "smile makeover’ offered by many cosmetic dentists focuses primarily on the looks of the teeth, and ignores the malfunction of the jaw and mouth that caused the teeth to wear unevenly. Bioesthetic Dentistry tackles the root of the problem, correcting jaw placement and tooth alignment to create the needed relationship for less wear and a more perfect smile.

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If you have one or more of the following:

...A consultation to determine the core cause of your dental issues is in order. Request an appointment at our downtown Pittsburgh dental office today! Dr. Pounds will consult with you and create a treatment plan that will bring your mouth, teeth, and jaw into perfect accord, creating a long lasting smile that is both functional and beautiful.

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