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Dr. Rebecca Pounds offers a comprehensive range of dental services designed to protect, maintain, and restore brilliant looking smiles. Our dental office in downtown Pittsburgh is equipped with the latest in high performance technology, and Dr. Pounds has years of experience creating lasting, beautiful smiles. We deliver:

Bioesthetic Dentistry

Bioesthetic Dentistry explores the relationship between the esthetics of your smile and its functionality. Dr. Pounds has achieved Level IV certification in Bioesthetic Dentistry, currently held by only four other dental practitioners in the State of Pennsylvania. She can consult with you to determine how Bioesthetic Dentistry can not only improve your smile, but your overall health and wellbeing. Read more...

Cosmetic Dentistry

The function of your teeth is important to your health and comfort, but the esthetics are also a priority. A happy, beautiful smile can increase self-confidence and self-esteem, improving your life and ensuring you feel good about the way you look. Dr. Pounds offers many cosmetic dental and facial procedures to improve the esthetics of your overall appearance. Read more...

Dental Services Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Pounds has years of experience in creating lasting, healthy, and beautiful smiles. Please contact our office to ask about all the services we provide and to schedule an appointment.

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General Dentistry

Whether you need a filling replaced, a crown completed, or a root canal performed, our Pittsburgh dental office offers a conveient destination and exceptional general dental services. We are here to relieve your pain, repair your teeth, and restore your smile. Every procedure is carried out with the utmost compassion and care for your comfort. Read more...

Preventive Dentistry

Stopping Problems before they start is a priority at the office of Dr. Rebecca Pounds. Being our patient means receiving comprehensive preventive care and education, getting regular checkups and dental cleanings, and heading off any potential dental issues before they ruin your smile.

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Children’s Dentistry

Good dental health starts in early childhood. Regular checkups, cleanings, and x-rays combined with education and an at-home oral health regimen can ensure that baby teeth stay healthy and lifetime postiive oral health habits are developed. Read more...

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