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General Dentistry covers all of the most common forms of dental treatment, from routine fillings to root canals. Dr. Pounds tailors each treatment plan to the patient’s individual needs, taking into account all factors and discussing each step with you before moving forward.

Patients at our downtown Pittsburgh dental office can expect to receive both exceptional general dentistry and outstanding customer service. Our convenient location and appointment times make it easy to keep your oral health a priority! The goal is for you to have a happy, healthy smile that functions perfectly and looks fantastic!

Dental Fillings

We are a mercury free practice, and avoid using metal fillings whenever possible. Instead, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings, which look and feel natural and are extremely durable. Fillings can be used when a small cavity is present, to restore the surface of the tooth to its natural state. Dr. Pounds believes dentistry should be both functional and beautiful! Read more...

Dental Crowns

When the chewing surface of a tooth suffers damage such as cracks and chips, quick action is needed to prevent further damage. A crown can be used to cover exposed edges, restoring natural bite and preventing bacteria and food particles from accessing vulnerable inner areas of the tooth. Crowns are also used in restorative procedures, including partial dentures and bridges, providing a solid, stable anchor for such restorations. Read more...

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges, also called partial dentures, can brace and support the arch of teeth when there are gaps due to tooth loss or extraction. Bridges keep the adjacent teeth from drifting into the gap, and stabilize the fundamental structure of the jaw. Permanent bridges are cemented to the adjacent (abutment) teeth; others are designed to be removable. Read more...

General Dentistry Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Pounds tailors each dental treatment plan to your individual needs, taking into account all factors and discussing each step with you before moving forward. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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If multiple teeth are damaged or missing, or an entire arch of teeth has to be removed, dentures are a common next step. Dentures are customized for each patient, in order to give a comfortable, secure fit and recreate the natural bite as closely as possible. The drawback of dentures is that jaw can slowly change over time once teeth are gone. This bone loss can cause dentures to stop fitting properly, leading to repeat appointments for fittings and adjustments. Our preferred treatment method is dental implants, but a denture may be the right procedure depending on the patient’s unique oral health and habits. Read more...

Root Canals

Sometimes a tooth is damaged so badly that the pulp in the center of the root becomes infected. The pain from an infected tooth can be excruciating, and many patients assume the tooth must be pulled. A root canal (endodontic treatment) can remove the infection, fill the tooth, and restore the chewing surface, eliminating the need for extraction.Read more...

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes there is simply no hope of saving a badly damaged tooth, and extraction is the only solution. We strive to save teeth whenever possible, but if it is determined that a tooth must be extracted, Dr. Pounds will discuss options with you and create a plan to help keep adjacent teeth from becoming unstable. Read more...

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