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Welcome to the office of Dr. Rebecca Pounds, where form and function are brought together to create lasting, brilliant smiles! Dr. Pounds and our entire team are eager to give you a dental experience that exceeds your expectations. Our practice is built on solid patient / doctor relationships, and your trust and participation in your oral health is key.

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Our Philosophy

We believe dentistry should be a positive experience, with patient comfort as a priority and the ultimate goal being a fully functional smile that looks and feels natural. Dr. Pounds is a practitioner of Bioesthetic Dentistry, which looks at the entire mouth – from teeth to gums to jaw – and brings everything into alignment for optimal function and form. This type of dental approach naturally results in a beautiful smile, which can last a lifetime with minimal wear to the teeth.

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Our downtown Pittsburgh dental office is conveniently located in the gorgeous Hartley-Rose Building, where we have endeavored to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting. Our reception are and treatments rooms are well appointed and spacious, to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. Please feel welcome to call and schedule a convenient time for a tour and a consultation with Dr. Pounds.

Meet Pittsburgh Dentist Dr. Pounds

Rebecca L. Pounds, DDS, Owner

Rebecca L. Pounds, DDS, Owner

Dentist Rebecca L. Pounds, DDS, says she realized when she was in 10th grade that she would be a dentist. “I always wanted to do something in the medical field,” she says. “I went to a leadership conference at Robert Morris University, and my group leader was a dentist. I came home, researched dentistry, and knew it was a good fit. In college I ran track and cross country. One of the track coaches was a dentist and my first mentor in dentistry. I did an internship in his office and this solidified my decision. I had wanted to own my own business so my goal became to practice dentistry in my own practice.”

Born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Dr. Pounds attended Marion Center High School and did her undergraduate work at Robert E Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She then completed Dental School at the University of Maryland, did her General Practice Residency at Allegheny General Hospital, and practiced locally at an advanced restorative and cosmetic dental practice before purchasing her own practice in 2006.

“I love being in Downtown Pittsburgh and I love the diversity of the patient population in the area. I fell in love with the space instantly,” Dr. Pounds says of her offices on the third floor of the historic Hartley-Rose Building. “It’s a warm, friendly, open layout, and reflects the openness and friendliness of my practice and my staff. I want patients to associate going to the dentist with positive feelings, not those of pain or fear. Preventive dentistry is key – catching problems before they become serious issues.”

Dr. Pounds spent the last 3 years completing over 300 clinical hours to achieve Level IV certification in "Bioesthetic Dentistry", a certification held by only four other dentists in the state. “I am a "perfectionist, and when you are working on such detail oriented tasks as we do in our profession this is very important,” she says. “Nothing is better than doing the high level dentistry that provides natural lasting beauty, and seeing how it changes the lives of my patients!”

When she isn’t creating smiles for patients, Dr. Pounds can be found spending time at her home in Bethel Park with her husband, Damian Szwalek, and the couple’s two cats, Camden and Chloe. “We like being outdoors, and spend a lot of weekends at our family cabin in Potter County,” she says. “We also enjoy a good ball game out at PNC Park overlooking the beautiful city of Pittsburgh!” Given a year off, Dr. Pounds says she would take her husband and go on a cross-country trip to visit as many U.S. National Parks as possible.

Dr. Pounds supports a wide range of charities, and is a member of and / or serves on the boards of multiple organizations, including:

Meet the Team

Abby Donolo

Abby Donolo

For Dental Hygienist Abby Donolo, every patient is a unique case. She carefully goes over their charts and previous notes, takes x-rays if needed, records gum measurements, and removes tartar and plaque before applying fluoride and reviewing home care. “I loved going to the dentist as a child,” she says. “I would have gone every week if I could, and always wanted to work in the dental field. My childhood dream came true – I’ve shown up for work at the dentist’s every day for the past year and a half!”

Abby achieved her Bachelor’s in Biology at Westminster College, followed by her dental hygiene certification and local anesthesia certification from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. “I'm a perfect fit for my job because I am open to learning and open to change,” she comments. “I love our patients. I like hearing about where they are from, where they work and how they are tied to Pittsburgh. They get to ask questions, too - I think people have misconceptions about the dentist office. Everything we do, we have a purpose behind it. No one should be afraid to ask questions!

Abby grew up in Allegheny county in Marshall Township, and currently lives in Carnegie with her husband, Nathan, and the couple’s dog. Maebelle. Abby is passionate about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society: “My aunt passed away from MS complications, and I have a close friend who also has MS,” she says. “I will fight until there is a cure!”

Crystal Costantino

Crystal Costantino, Treatment Coordinator

Treatment Coordinator Crystal Costantino handles possibly the hardest job at any dental practice – the paperwork! She helps ensure the back office runs smoothly on a day to day basis, from discussing financial options with patients, to verifying insurance information, sending claims, determining co-pays, and entering payments. She also schedules patients for treatment, calls them to discuss their treatment plans, helps with Bioesthetic treatments, and double checks accounts for errors and correctly recorded information.

Crystal was in a nursing program at a community college, but wanted a family and knew shift work would keep her from having a regular schedule. “I couldn't imagine not being with my family on holidays and in the evenings,” she remembers. “At the same time, I was very passionate about the medical field. My friends pointed out that I had a "little obsession" with teeth and people's smiles, so my Mom and I decided I would try out the dental field.” After 7 years, Crystal says it was the right move. She takes continuing education courses to stay on top of her game, and enjoys the challenges of her job and seeing patients achieve brilliant smiles.

When she’s not running everything from her place behind the scenes, Crystal is enjoying the family life she dreamt of with her husband, Steve, and the couple’s two children, Olivia and Jace. “I am also extremely close with my Dad Les, my Mom Linda, my sister Amber, and my brother Tyler,” she says. “We live just a few houses apart, and we enjoy going out to dinner, then coming home to play games or watch a movie!” Crystal also supports the Meningitis Foundation.

Lauren Pasquini

Lauren Pasquini, Dental Hygienist

As a Dental Hygienist Lauren Pasquini has many different duties. She greets and seat patients, reviews medical histories, takes patient’s x-rays, does oral cancer screenings, and evaluates the periodontal health of patients. She also assists Dr. Pounds by removing plaque, calculus, and stains above and below the gums, polishing patients’ teeth, showing them how to floss correctly, and scheduling them for follow up visits as needed.

Lauren graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program in 2009, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene. Lauren’s father was in the military, so she moved a lot as a child, settling in Pittsburgh when she was 11. “I’m an honorary Pittsburgher!” Lauren has been working in the dental industry for 7 years, and says that dental hygiene work combines her two favorite things – teeth and helping others. “I can help teach people that the dental office isn’t about pain – it’s about health!” she says.

Lauren enjoys weekend getaways, spending time at the waterfront or North Hills (“I have a bit of a shopping problem!” she admits), or just hanging out with her boyfriend. “I want to convince him to backpack through Europe with me,” Lauren says. “I want to see everything, especially Italy!”

Jackie Clarke

Jackie Clarke, Dental Facilitator

Our dental facilitator Jackie Clarke makes sure that things run according to schedule. In addition to answering phones and setting up appointments, Jackie helps with verifying insurance plans, helping patients to schedule treatment, and helping Dr. Pounds with tasks around the office.

Jackie has been working in the dental field for 10 years, and is proud to call Shaler her home. She became interested in dentistry in Pittsburgh because she wanted a career where she could help other people. Jackie loves helping patients with their dental care questions. She believes that two of the most misunderstood aspects of visiting the dentist are the cost and the discomfort, which is why she works hard to make both of these aspects more manageable for patients.

Jackie loves working with Dr. Pounds and the rest of the office staff because the crew is light-hearted, excellent at their jobs, and dedicated to offering a superior level of dental care. Her ability to help patients to relax and enjoy the dentist’s office makes her a perfect fit for her job.

When Jackie isn’t at work, she loves being outside, riding her 4-wheeler, and spending time with her family—especially her sweet mom. If she could do anything in the world, she would want to travel freely without an itinerary with family and friends.

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