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A thorough teeth cleaning, or dental prophylaxis, not only removes visible plaque and tartar from teeth but provides cleaning below the gum line to help ward off periodontal disease.

Even a rigorous home oral health care regimen cannot get all of the bacteria, plaque, and tartar out from under the gum line and between your teeth, so visiting our downtown Pittsburgh dental office regularly for teeth cleanings is the best way to assure your ongoing dental health.

The benefits of regular prophylaxis are many, and include:

Preventive Dental Teeth Cleaning Pittsburgh

Regular teeth cleanings are an important part of your oral hygiene regimen. Even the most thorough home care cannot get all the plaque and tartar from under the gums and between teeth. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Preventive teeth cleanings are the most common appointment at our practice. Dr. Pounds recommends that you have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional at least twice a year as a preventive measure, but patients with periodontal disease should have more frequent cleanings (every 3-4 months.)

Gum disease cannot be completely reversed, but a professional dental cleaning is one of the tools Dr. Pounds can use to effectively halt its progression and reduce the chances of tooth loss and other serous dental health issues.

If it has been more than 6 months since your last cleaning, or if your gums bleed when you brush and floss please call our offices to request an appointment today.

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