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Your Teeth and Your Health

Taking care of your teeth and gums is about more than having a movie-star smile. Your mouth is a window to your overall health, because over 100 diseases show symptoms in the oral cavity. Although old ideas about this concept figured that the correlation between periodontal disease and overall health stemmed from patient attitudes towards personal wellness, new research has shown that the link may actually be due to the spread of bacteria throughout the body.

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Poor dental health can be the cause of many problems, including diabetes, circulatory system problems, and cancer. Contact Dr. Pounds today to improve your teeth and your overall health.

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How Oral Bacteria Damages Your Body

Failure to brush, floss, and rinse properly allows bacteria to grow inside of your mouth. Over time, these bacteria collect along the gum line, move underneath gum tissue, and start attacking your periodontal ligaments and bone tissue, leading to periodontal disease. Unfortunately, bacteria can also leach into the vascular tissue around the jawbone and teeth, and then spread throughout your entire body promoting inflammation.

In addition to sparking inflammatory responses throughout your body, these newly introduced bacteria can also spread infection, injure the cells of the body, spread microbial toxins, and cause immunological injuries that can damage your ability to fight off new threats.

Diseases Tied to Poor Oral Health

The dangers of oral bacteria are very real, and research has clearly tied multiple serious systemic diseases to gingivitis and periodontal disease. Here are just a few.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to fall victim to periodontal disease or the havoc that it can wreak on your body. Schedule your next checkup with Dr. Pounds to see how much of a difference dentistry in Pittsburgh can make.